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"Virginia’s first legally recognized slave was enslaved by a black man to protect him from slavery"

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New Anime Art by Mayumi Takadanobaba
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Beautifully Wrong a nameless song pleading for play and the power to be. Grid Tie Solar is Beautifully Wrong! Breathe Deep, exhale.

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We know we like power. The light switch brings a safe touch. ABC Solar knows the grid is important and we see solar as fitting to this domain and this song. Solar is so beautifully wrong. Our team will design your solar electric system to fit your home and surroundings.

Our extensive Spanish Tile experience over 15 years makes our team particularly suited for Southern California. Our projects in Palos Verdes to Manhattan Beach and Malibu are works of art when given the opportunity.

Meet Zamboni! Our company mascot and small truck driver.

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Startup in the Land of the Rising Sun

Adventures of Modemboy: Wall-After-Wall

Adventures of Modemboy

A key focus for the ABC Solar team is waterproofing your roof and each solar mount. Variuos methods are used depending on the roof type, slope and speciific solar panel.

New Anime Art by Mayumi Takadanobaba

See Top 150 User Chosen Anime Art by Mayumi - Click Here


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Concrete Tile with Custom Flat Roof Solar Electric Grid Tile Installation

Spanish Tile Solar with ABC Solar Comp Shingle Method

12:12 pitch roof solar electric grid-tie installation by ABC Solar

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